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**** READ THIS FIRST: Secret in the Dirt Help Desk****


Secret in the Dirt Help Desk

Jimmy Nissen (admin) May 25, 2011 Secret in the Dirt Main Forum / Pictures and Videos

Question: When I try to watch a video from the video vault it doesn't play. The screen just stays blank. I am using the latest internet explorer. My adobe and java are up to date. I don't have trouble playing videos from other sites. What should I do?

Answer: The videos are not playing correctly in internet explorer 9, and we are working on a solution to that. In the mean time, its best to watch the videos from another browser, like firefox, chrome, opera, or an earlier version of internet explorer

***Update: The vault videos should be displaying properly in all internet explorer browsers. If yours is not, please let us know by sending in a ticket 

Jimmy Nissen (admin) April 04, 2011 Secret in the Dirt Main Forum / Login FAQ's

Did you receive an "Invalid Token" message when trying to reset your password?

No problem, just open up a support ticket above that includes your username and email, and we will settle that for you asap